Les Rescapées – Blue Klein Serving Bowl

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At The Barclay Studio, nothing is destroyed or thrown away!

Discover our “Les Rescapées” Collection, which is all about giving products a second chance: pieces with slight imperfections that are absolutely stunning. We believe they are beautiful in their own and we consider them as a part of the charm of The Barclay Studio and as well as our dedication to sustainable design.

Each one of our designs is inspired in nature, where imperfection and simplicity reigns, inviting us to appreciate things as they are, and making us see that objects with certain imperfections are special.  Each piece tells a story making all of them unique.

Every piece that is created involves a delicate process. Ceramics are not an exact science, specially when they are handmade, and even more when they are glazed like our Mediterranean Collection in vivid Klein Blue. The process is long and requires multiple steps which can at any point endanger the piece. But you will never have two exact pieces and that is what makes each one so unique.

With its sleek glazed finish and its stunning blue color our Blue Klein Serving Bowl or Vase are ideal to bring a note of color on your table.

Last pieces available.



  • Dishwasher Proof
  • Clean after each use
  • Store in a clean, dry place
  • Not oven safe

*** Due to the manual production process of each piece, the measurements and colors may slightly vary. Please note that grease stains are not removable from the non-glazed surfaces.


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