The brand & the creator

The story

Rooted in a passion for beautiful and qualitative decor, The Barclay Studio is a way of life, where design, quality, authenticity, and social consciousness come together.

The Barclay Studio

Crafting with common sense, taking care of those around us, and what surrounds us, are some of the values that we defend at THE BARCLAY STUDIO.

Our essence focuses on designing and creating timeless, multipurpose, and high-quality products in a more socially and environmentally thoughtful way. While our ultimate goal is to provide you with access to one-of-a-kind pieces at a fair price thus enabling you to consume more responsibly.

We are a small but ambitious brand based in Barcelona and each one of our pieces is 100% designed and handmade in Spain. We value the importance of using local producers in order to create our products and to stay true to our origins and traditions.

Defending the local savoir-faire is one of the priorities of the brand, each piece is unique, thanks to the commitment, implication, and knowledge of the people involved in its creation.

Each producer is specially selected to make sure that they share the same values that we do, ethically producing with irreproachable quality and exceptional materials.

THE BARCLAY STUDIO is committed to the preservation of artisanal jobs and the know-how that has been passed down through generations and that guarantees quality and perfection.

Authenticity, high-quality, and timeless designs

Each one of our pieces responds to three criteria: authenticity, high-quality, and timeless designs.

While all production necessarily results in an environmental footprint, our mission at THE BARCLAY STUDIO is to create value by proposing mindful, handmade, local products through a made-to-order model, and by using natural and recycled materials. Producing only what has been previously ordered, minimizes our footprint as much as possible and reduces waste. Our commitment is to grow in the most responsible way, far away from being perfect every small improvement makes a change.

Some of the actions that have already been taken are the recycling of left-over clay used in The Table Collection and the use of FSC certified and recyclable carton packaging for your orders. We also commit to being a paper-free company.