Aromatherapy Bowls


These little aromatherapy bowls were conceived as part of our wellness collection. The idea was to create small bowls that you could use to mix your essential oils for your aromatherapy sessions. But you know that we love our products to be versatile, that is why we added a small lid onto the bowl so that you can give it multiple uses. Perfect for keeping jewelry, shaving products, soaps, cottons … you decide!

These are the essence of timeless, high-quality, handmade products, that is why they are the perfect gift!



  • Dishwasher Proof
  • Clean after each use
  • Store in a clean, dry place
  • Not oven safe

*** Due to the manual production process of each piece, the measurements and colors may slightly vary. Please note that grease stains are not removable from the non-glazed surfaces.

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