Zofia Krakowiak

Zofia Krakowiak

Tell me about yourself

I graduated as an architect and urban designer at the Technical University of Lodz, Poland. I also studied at ENSAM (School of Architecture) of Montpellier, France and that’s where I became inspired by a Mediterranean style of living. During my last year of university, I started working in an office back in my hometown but since the beginning, I didn’t like the pressure, stress, and expectations of being a full-time designer. So I started looking for my personal way of expression and I discovered the world of ceramics.

In 2015 I moved to Barcelona, Spain, and decided to go for what I love the most. That’s when Turbot Design was born. In the beginning, I was giving basic pottery classes and teaching wheel-throwing, improving my own skills, interests, and knowledge. Soon I realized working on the pottery wheel is what brings me the most satisfaction and, when I got my first order for cups for a coffee shop, I left all my doubts behind and became a full-time potter.

What social and environmental actions do you take in order to make the product as responsible as possible?

Each stage of our work requires manual engagement, that’s why the process is slow, precise, and delicate. We collaborate with local Spanish material providers, we use the best locally produced stoneware, as well as porcelain, basic glazes, and minerals.

Our philosophy is to give maximum by using minimum resources. That’s why we recycle left-over clay and reuse it during the whole process. For packaging we don’t use plastic, we wrap our ceramics with cardboard and ship in recyclable carton boxes.

What are your values?

I believe every day is special and we shouldn’t lose time doing what we don’t really enjoy.

It is very important, to be honest with yourself and to follow your inner voice. I’m more demanding to myself than to other people and I’m always trying to give the most of what’s best. All of our ceramics are handmade on a pottery wheel by us, then air-dried for a few days, polished, fired, glazed, and fired again up to 1260°C. The whole production takes place in our studio, we are against anonymous mass production and we prefer to focus on quality and good craftsmanship.

In a few words, how would you describe your work?

A modern interpretation of traditional craft.

What made you decide you wanted to work with me?

You convinced me of your idea, gave me the freedom to create, listened to my suggestions, and working on the whole collection was a fun challenge for me.

Which piece is the most challenging for you to create? Why?

The Blue Klein Vase! I mostly make open shapes and this one is round, closed, and has difficult proportions, but I accepted the challenge.

Last but not least … Which is your favorite piece of the collection?

The Blue Klein Vase.